In 2020 I interned for KALW Public Radio in San Francisco and reported features for the Craig Newmark School of Journalism's live radio magazine show, AudioFiles.


The Covid Transition

January 23rd, 2021

When New York cancelled elective surgeries in March 2020 due to COVID-19, that included gender-affirming procedures. But the pandemic wasn't the first obstacle Tat Bellamy Walker had to face on the road to surgery. 

Music by PSOVOD and Soundf1re.

Photo credit: Valen Iricibar


Trans Day of Remembrance — an Intergenerational Interview

AudioFiles. November 20th, 2020

Friday November 20th was Trans Day of Remembrance, a moment to honor the memory of transgender people who lost their lives due to anti-trans prejudice. At least 37 transgender and gender non-conforming people were killed in the US this year for just being who they are. Worldwide, that number is 350. But Trans Day of Remembrance is also about looking at the big picture and celebrating the community. I brought together two generations — Kai Farr from the GenderCool project and Tanya Walker from Equality New York — to talk about what Trans Day of Remembrance means to them.

Photo credit: Valen Iricibar


"Gay Men Still Can’t Donate Blood Despite Shortage Concerns" —

AudioFiles. November 20th, 2020

As New York City sees new surges in COVID-19 cases, there are renewed concerns about blood shortages. Singling out men who have sex with men when screening for HIV has consistently been protested as homophobic and in the context of the pandemic, many consider that lifting the ban is long overdue.

Photo credit: Ryan Manuel Koerber


California Proposition 14: Stem Cell Research Bond

KALW. August, 2020.

In 2004, Californians approved a $3 bllion bond to fund stem cell research. That money has been pretty much used up and the original backers want to replenish it. Prop 14 is a five-point $5 billion bond to pay for future stem cell research, training, and trials.


California Proposition 16: Affirmative Action Amendment

KALW. August, 2020.

In a nutshell, Proposition 16 is about repealing Proposition 209, which passed back in 1996.

Proposition 209 added a section to the California Constitution that banned the state from discriminating or giving preferential treatment.